Mailbox Club Africa Day is first and foremost to unite all role players in the field in a common purpose and celebration. It is an opportunity for children and youth…

  • to get together and celebrate their common faith in Jesus Christ
  • To be and feel part of a Continental Children’s Movement of Christ-followers
  • To unite in prayer across cultures and borders of Africa
  • To afford Partners the opportunity to contribute to the Ministry of Mailbox Club, Africa and help further God’s Kingdom amongst children.

Preparation and Execution

The following is an example for Countries and Groups to follow should they wish to do so. Coordinators are however, free to follow their own themes and programs. The only directive would be that all participants within the country or gathering follow the same theme to allow for fair judging. It should therefore be communicated to the Partners well ahead of time.


“Youth Empowerment”

  • Small groups must use this as theme for whatever they present, be it song; drama; dance or recitation
  • Small groups will have 10 minutes to perform.
  • Presentations will be judged on Originality / Appearance / Overall impact / Interactive-ness of group
What will you need?
  • A small organizing Committee
  • A Venue
  • A Church or Hall big enough to hold between 250 to 500 children that will deal with seating; staging, security, ablutions and parking. Sound (A good system with more than one microphone)
  • Overhead / Data Projector
  • Volunteers
  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Worship Group
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Registration Table and Ushers
  • Small Group Facilitators
  • Judges for Group Presentations
  • Caterers (IF you are going to finance this through Donations. Alternatively Partners must provide for their own groups)
General Notes
  • Book everyone and everything well ahead of time, incl Venue, Music Group, Speaker, Master of Ceremonies, Volunteers and Caterers! (2 months right after you’ve received Pr-registrations)
  • Do not go to big! Between 250 and 500 only. The bigger you go…the bigger of everything will be needed
  • A Church or Hall big enough to hold between 250 to 500 children that will deal with seating; staging, security, ablutions and parking. Sound (A good system with more than one microphone)
  • Choose your helpers as young as possible. Teens for Small groups, Registration and Ushering. Young adults for MC and Keynote speaker
  • Keynote address should not be longer than 20 minutes
  • Hand out food-parcels for lunchtime instead of dishing up
  • Contact local Radio and/or TV Stations to cover it for the community’s sake.
  • There will not be any funding from TMC.
  • Sponsoring (Cash or Kind) from local businesses will therefore be absolutely KEY!!!
  • Be sure to draw up a REALISTIC and TRUTHFULL BUDGET before you start seeing businesses for funds
  • Recognition must be given to every sponsor on the day and even before if Radio or TV will cover it
  • Keep expenses minimal and endeavor to cover it with sponsorship in cash in kind. Do not relay on Contributions from Partners.
  • The Organizing Committee should all be involved in developing support.
  • Contributions before or on the day, whether from the main Venue or Churches in the field MUST BE PAID OVER TO THE TMC COUNTRY COORDINATOR FOR SAFE BOOKKEEPING.
  • Funds Developed and Contributions made will be for the exclusive use of the Country it’s developed in.
Prize Giving
  • Awards (Certificates) will be designed by TMC, Africa Home Office and posted to CC’s for use on the day.
  • If possible, obtain Bibles from your local Bible Society or Gideon Society and include with the Awards.
  • Children will be wanting to take home photos and videos of the day’s proceedings.
  • If you consider this it must be done professionally and paid for by the Partners or children ON THE DAY.
  • TMC, Africa will want a written Report, Video and short clips of the Day’s proceedings to present at the International Banquet in USA in November. That will go far to “show-case” our ministry in SSA to potential Donors.